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Cho Kyuhyun selalu bermimpi selama semenit tentang dirinya yang bukan dirinya. AU] in which Zhou Mi is a rich oppa with sparkly red hair and long legs, Kyuhyun is a poor commoner with bad skin, and all of SJM are graceful gentlemen (who sell a lot of photobooks).
Have a favourite TV show and want to talk to other people who are watching it at the same time wherever they are in the world? When the program starts open the TALK app and create a room called Xfactor.

Making new friends like dating

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It goes swimmingly well – for the first 10 minutes.

You start taking more frequent sips of your coffee to fill in the increasingly longer awkward pauses.

Some moms are smooth, putting you at ease when they come up and compliment you on your baby carrier. Then I worried I looked too pushy or that they feared becoming blog fodder.

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Do you go somewhere more intimate where you can easily talk, such as your backyard, or a public, non-committal type of play place in case things go downhill fast? Hopefully you will all go out together for a much-needed Moms’ Night Out and someone else will fulfill the role of "the crazy one." It seems like once you've gone through the mom dating process a couple times it gets much easier--especially if you click with her friends.

While your kids play, you try to figure out how to approach the mom you spotted across the park—the one that seems like someone you’d enjoy hanging out with.

It’s easiest if their kid starts playing with yours; otherwise you have to create a casual reason to walk over near her, like finding random trash you must throw away right now or accidentally overthrowing the ball to your little one. I’ve danced around exchanging contact information in the past, so recently I handed over my business card with the invitation to email me.

disappointment – I thought we really had potential, and when you’re really lucky – you make a genuine friend.

Making new friends can be awkward – My Awkward Social Encounters in Germany.